The Library has a large collection (around 8.500 manuscripts), ranging from the 10th century to the present (in particular, from the 16th century to the 19th century). The collections are mainly of documentary, historical and textual interest, but also include works of considerable bibliographic rarity and artistic and antiquarian value. Manuscript collections are included among the Library’s Archival and documentary collections.

cover of Manuscripts

The original core, that came from the libraries of the religious corporations which were suppressed during the Napoleonic age, has been constantly enriched over time thanks to the purchases and the donations by the erudite collectors and the prominent figures of the city life (Magnani, Venturoli, Mugnoz, Palagi, Ercolani, Minghetti, Pallotti, Gozzadini, Rusconi, De Marinis, Malvezzi de' Medici, etc.). Among the main collections: Manoscritti A, Manoscritti B, Gozzadini, Malvezzi de' Medici.

The manuscripts can be consulted in the Manuscripts and Rare Books Room.
All users of the library who wish to conduct research on manuscript volumes, archival and documentary collections, in reproduction or in the original form, are admitted.