Self-service photocopier is available, A4 black and white copies only.
The reproduction of works is permitted only for personal/research use and in compliance with copyright laws.

Photocopies of works obtained from the Main Reading Room
Please fill in the photocopy request slip available in the Main Reading Room and specify the pages that need to be photocopied. Present the slip to the personnel at the Book Loans Desk in order to obtain authorization.

Photocopies of works obtained from the Reference Room
Fill in the photocopy request slip available in the Reference Room and specify the call number of the work (which can be found on the book spine) and the pages that need to be photocopied. Have a Reference librarian sign the slip for authorization.

Works that cannot be directly photocopied
Manuscripts, prints and drawings (even those bound in volumes), works published prior to 1831, works that are in a precarious state of preservation or which may become damaged during the photocopying process, works that are rare or of particular bibliographic importance, works that have a format (as well as foldable book-plates) that is greater than 37 cm. (and therefore the majority of newspapers) and a thickness that is greater than 6 cm.
For these works, it is possible to have other types of photoreproduction done. If the material has already been put on microfilm, photocopies from the microfilm can be obtained.

Photographic reproduction with one's own camera/instruments
Photographs must be taken in such a way as to not cause any damage to the document and must be in compliance with existing laws.

Document Delivery
The requests can be:
- personally handed in at the Library Desk where the material was or needs to be obtained.
- sent by mail: Biblioteca dell'Archiginnasio, Piazza Galvani 1 - 40124 Bologna
- sent by email
- sent by fax: 051 261160
For photographic reproduction of manuscripts, rare books, drawings and prints please use the form:
Request for photographic reproduction
The library will provide an estimate and the material will be sent to the customer once payment has been received.
If the reproduction is requested for scientific or commercial purposes it is necessary to include the publication authorization.

Reproduction for scientific or commercial use (exhibitions, catalogues, anastatic editions, videocassettes, etc.)
In order to reproduce documents for scientific or commercial purposes, an authorization from the Director's Office is necessary. The Director's Office will issue this authorization by adhering (at its discretion) to the criteria and the rates established by the national laws regarding cultural and museum patrimony.
The requests must be made on a form that is available in the Secretariat and online:
Request for publication authorization

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