Reading on the premises

Books, periodicals and microfilm can be consulted in the Main Reading Room. The Room has 6 tables that are equipped for the use of laptop computers.
Some of the rare and antique material is also consulted in the Manuscripts and Rare Books Reading Room, according to call number. General information works are found in the Reference Room, which is open-stack.

Please fill in the request slips that are available at the Distribution Desk. Then hand in the slips, including the entrance form, to the Distribution Desk personnel.
Up to 3 works, for a maximum of 10 volumes altogether, can be requested at the same time.
Request slips are accepted immediately by personnel. Usually material is distributed within 15 to 30 minutes except when works are found in funds with particular call numbers. The reader is informed by the personnel if this extra time will be necessary when the material is requested.
After having consulted the material, please hand everything in at the Distribution Desk. Those who wish to continue consulting the material requested over the course of the following days may have all items held in a "temporary deposit."
The volumes with the call number "16" are requested in the Manuscripts and Rare Books Reading Room, and those with the call number "CONS" can be found in the Reference Room.
Those who consult books published in or before 1830 must respect the following rules:
- Separate registration of the books with the personnel at the Book Loans Desk.
- Consultation of the volumes only at the tables set aside for this purpose in the Main Reading Room while using all the necessary precautions in order to guarantee the state of preservation of the documents (use of pencils and not pens, no writing notes while leaning on top of the material, use of book-rests, etc.).
- As an exception to the rule, the consultation of antique books may be carried out in the Manuscripts and Rare Books Reading Room only after an explanation has been given by the reader as to why this is necessary and authorization has been granted by the person who is in charge of this service; in this case, the reader must be accompanied by a member of the personnel.
- Antique books may not be brought into the Reference Room. In the event that a user needs to simultaneously consult repositories and volumes located in the Reference Room, authorization to bring reference works into the Main Reading Room must be granted from a Reference Librarian.
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