Book loans

To use this service you need to be registered in one of the institution's libraries. You will be then issued with a user card that you have to show on every visit.


Request the book at the Distribution Desk.
Go to the Book Loans Desk where the procedure for checking out books will be processed by computer. Hand in to the Distribution Desk the book loan slip and ask for the entrance form that has been stamped so that you can exit the Library. Up to 3 books (for a maximum of 6 volumes) can be borrowed.
Books can be kept for 30 days, renewable for 15 days starting from the day in which the books are due back.

The exclusion of a work from being borrowed is aimed at guaranteeing its best preservation and therefore its maximum (future) use by all the interested readers.
  • manuscripts;
  • editions prior to 1961;
  • periodicals that are either bound or single issues;
  • booklets;
  • miscellany and polygraphic collections;
  • works belonging to the local history section (call numbers "17" and "17*");
  • works belonging to libraries/collections received through acquisitions, bequests, donations or deposits, with the condition that these works be consulted only at the Archiginnasio, or with ex-libris, hand-written notes of ownership or dedication;
  • exhibition catalogues, works with book-plates that do not have page numbers on them or with loose sheets/plates/maps, art books or editions that are of special value or with typographical peculiarities (limited number copies, volumes with valuable bindings, volumes with loose sheets such as maps, etc.), works that are of special bibliographic significance with regards to the specificity and integrity of the collections
  • drawings, prints, photographs and maps that are part or not part of a volume;
  • reference works including dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographic and catalogue repositories and in general all the volumes found in the Reference Room or the Main Reading Room;
  • volumes that need to be bound or restored or are in a precarious state of preservation;
  • works that are in the process of being rearranged or bibliographic works that are periodically updated;
  • all other material that the Director's Office decides cannot be borrowed.
Interlibrary loan

Books can be borrowed by all the public libraries, both Italian and foreign, who can assure the reciprocity of this service. The Book Loans Desk will provide the request form and will forward it. Book loan terms and conditions are established by the library which provides the works and the cost is at the expense of the user. Delivery times depend on postal service (7-15 days for Italy, 30 days or more outside Italy).

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