10 workstations are available, 9 of which for bibliographic research, 1 for Internet searches.
Free WI-FI in the Reference Room.


Access to the workstations for bibliographic research is open to everyone. In order to gain access to the Internet workstations it is necessary to register at the Reference Desk.
So as to allow everyone an equal opportunity to use the workstations, each user is allotted a 30-minute time slot which is renewable if there are no other requests and if there is another workstation free. The maximum time limit per user is 1 hour per day.
Those who use the Internet are responsible (under civil or penal law) for the actions taken during their workstation use. Users may not: change data or computer set-ups, load and download software, use services that require payment, purchase goods, make reservations/bookings, use e-mail services (even on the browser) to read or send messages, take part in newsgroups, chat lines or discussion lists, send SMS messages on the Internet.

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